Scenic Byway 12

Scenic Drives


Highway 12 Scenic Byway

Beginning west in Panguitch and ending northeast in Torrey, this 122 mile stretch of highway is unlike any other. Known as “A Journey Through Time”, experience all the destinations southern Utah has to offer on this path, as well as landscapes that will leave everlasting impressions as your drive. Escalante Escapes is the perfect location for a home base to experience all that scenic Byway 12 has to offer.

Zion Park Scenic Byway

Providing access to Zion national park, view many of Zions famous landscapes as well as the parks infamous mile long tunnel. If you were a fan of the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” then you will want to stop at the Grafton ghost town near Rockville where it was filmed to reenact your favorite scenes.

Hole In Rock Road

Starting 4.5 miles east of Escalante, this road takes you to a narrow crevice in the western rim of the Glen Canyon. Originally formed by the Mormon San Juan Expedition, this path connects the Colorado River to Lake Powell.  With numerous hiking trails alongside the Hole in the Rock Road, it includes Devil’s Garden which holds some of the best-eroded rock formations. 4WD vehicles are recommended as you progress later portions of the road.


Hell’s Backbone Road

A 38-mile loop that goes north to the Boulder mountains and south to Escalante, experience desert, pine, and aspen landscapes all while on this journey. Built during the Great Depression, experience canyons with sheer drops and multiple trailheads which will allow you to experience the different terrains if you wish. All cars are able to access it in suitable weather.