10 Things You Might Not Know About Escalante

Whether you live in Escalante, have experienced its beauty and adventure already, or are planning a vacation, here are some fast facts to improve your knowledge base on the Town of Escalante and its surroundings.  

1. Originally named “Potato Valley”

During the Black Hawk Indian War in the 1860’s, the southern Utah militia passed through the valley of Escalante under the leadership of Captain James Andrus. Just east of modern day of Escalante they found wild potatoes growing and then named the region accordingly.

2.Where Escalante got its name

Escalante is named after Silvestre Velez de Escalante, the first European and Franciscan missionary to reach the region. His expeditionary group is documented as being the first non-natives to enter the Utah region in 1776.

3. Escalante was Underwater

Escalante was part of a shallow marine sea called the North American Inland sea during the middle to late Cretaceous Period 85 mya. Plesiosaur was one of these majestic creatures with lengths of 49 ft (15m) being possible, making it one of the largest ancient sea creatures who ever lived.  

4. Pretty Cool Climate

Although warm in the summer months, Escalante only has a mean temperature of 64 degrees making it just the right balance. Snow is possible, although it is only a small dusting unless at higher elevations.

5. “850 full time residents”

Everyone in Escalante knows their neighbors! With ranching, farming, and tourist industries running the town, it’s a peaceful, safe and laid back place with quality people. Escalante Escapes Luxury Tiny Homes is a perfect example of Southern Utah hospitality.

6. Dance Hall Rock

When the mormons were westward bound and waiting for their counterparts at the Hole-In-The-Rock, they found a mother earth made amphitheater and held dances to pass the time.

7. Dino Discoveries

The Grand-Staircase has produced 12 dinosaur discoveries, with it being known that T-Rex and its evolutionary predecessors once roamed Escalante.  While only 6% of the Grand-Staircase has been searched for fossils, odds are that new species are awaiting to be discovered by future aspiring paleontologists.

8. Cattle Friendly at the Grand Staircase

What’s better than designating the Grand-Staircase a national monument? More than 95% of the Grand-Staircase is available for cattle grazing allotments for ranchers. Sounds udderly smart and fair to me!

9. Tribes of the Monument   

WIth the area usually being associated with the Ancient Puebloan Culture (Ananzi), five tribes actually state claim to the Grand Staircase National Monument. They are the Hopi, Ute, Zuni, Navajo, and Paiute. Over 5000 archaeological discoveries have been made at the Staircase.

10. Noah’s Monument   

Plant and Animal diversity thrive at the Grand Staircase. With over 2,600 different types of animals residing at or around the area, it also contains almost every plant that inhabits the state of Utah.

Hope you learned something in these random facts! If you plan to make a trip to Escalante, check out Escalante Escapes for luxury living in a tiny home. Featuring all the comforts of home while having the/a peace (piece) of nature you deserve.