Top Hikes Near Escalante

Whether your a  professional trekker or a casual stroller, hikes come in all difficulties and lengths in the Escalante Area. Not only will you have a sense of accomplishment after the trail, but let the senses be filled with sights of wonder, the smell of fresh air, and the sounds of nature while on it. Here are some exciting hikes with some superb surroundings.

1. Zebra Slot Canyon

A short slot canyon, the hike is relatively easy getting to the actual slot with the difficulty slightly increasing once you enter inside it. Finding the Zebra Slot can be a little challenging, but a quick Google of directions by numerous individuals will make it no problem. It is recommended that you leave any bags at the entrance so it will be easier to maneuver, as well as wearing water shoes since there can be water ankle to chest deep.

2. Lower Calf Creek Falls

Located in the Grand Staircase National Park, Calf Creek Falls consists of the Lower Falls and the Upper Falls. Most individuals choose to do the Lower Falls since it is not as difficult, and because the one hundred and twenty-six-foot waterfall is more impressive and enjoyable at the end. The trail is wonderfully marked and it is located just off of Utah Scenic Byway 12.

3. Spooky/Peek-a-Boo

Enjoy slot canyons at its finest with a little bit of spooky darkness in some of them, hence explaining their names. A very popular hike for families, it has a hike difficulty rating of moderate, so children above the age of five should be able to complete it. Being a four and a half mile total trip, make sure to bring some high-quality h20!

4. Coyote Gulch

A semi-narrow canyon where you get to experience red rock country at it’s finest, with desert oases and wetlands awaiting your discovery. Being just above Lake Powell, this hike is a strenuous one with it being recommended that hikers camp overnight for the full experience. Well worth it, the total trip is just under 12 miles. Start out at the water tanks and enjoy the journey!

5. Neon Canyon/ Golden Cathedral

The most recommended hike also comes as the most difficult. Located within lower Neon Canyon, getting here can be difficult with the hike being very technical. But as the saying goes, “hard work pays off”. Once you make it, experience a majestic rock dome in which three porthole arches overhang above you. During the day see the light shine through the porthole into the water below. It truly is a wonder and something you will want to experience.