Top 5 Places to Visit & Stay In Escalante

With so much beauty and grandeur in the Southern City of Escalante, Utah, it’s hard to know where to begin when visiting. Here’s an inside perspective of attractions you will want to experience while in the charming city of Escalante.

1. Grand Staircase Escalante National Park

The Grand-Staircase is split into three regions: The Canyons of the Escalante, The Kaiparowits Plateau, and the Grand Staircase. Being a very large park, it offers an array of things to do and see. Dinosaur and ancient sea creature fossil discoveries are frequent here dating back to 75 mya. A journey down Hole In The Rock Road will offer numerous spectacles, hikes, and history. It’s a good place to start.

2. Calf Creeks Falls Recreation Area

Being one of the most popular hikes in the area, it’s a perfect trail to bring the family on (including the dog). A trail of six miles, this hike is perfect for the moderately in shape just as it’s not too hot. What makes this trail even more super exciting? How about a one hundred and twenty-six-foot waterfall in which you can swim in at the very end.

3. Escalante Escapes

What’s better than adventures and new memories made in the remoteness of southern Utah? How about coming back to a luxury tiny home in the scenic space of the Escalante wilderness. Featuring all the modern comforts of home, enjoy a fire off your back porch while gazing at the stars with the ones you love. (Don’t forget the smores!) Perfect for family vacations and couple retreats!

4. Peek-a-boo

Located on the Hole In the Rock Road, experience a mystical short hike in a slot canyon. Being named Peek-a-Boo because of the darkness in a slot canyon, you can combine Peek-a-Boo Gulch with Spooky Gulch with them both being in the same proximity. Just under thirty miles from Escalante, it’s worth the experience and the selfies.

5. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

Beautiful scenery, relaxed hiking, and stream fishing are all available at Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. With its name explaining why it’s famous, explore vast collections of prehistoric forests now contained in the sediments of time. With two different hiking trails, take the scenic walk with the Petrified Forest Trail, or, if climbing is more of your thing, scramble up some rocks on the Sleeping Rainbows Trail. Last but not least, at the Wide Hollow Reservoir, get your fishing on with beautiful Rainbow Trout and Bluegills inhabiting the fresh waters.